Monday, September 11, 2006

Cats are so overrated

So says Gino, the nine-pound, thirteen-year old Yorkie. Why does everyone like cats? They hate you, and I love you, so why do you spend your whole day trying to please them when all you have to do is throw a toy and I'm ecstatic? Just sayin'. What's all the fuss? I may weigh the least, but I'm the fullest of @#$# and vinegar in the whole house. It's my duty to find a cat to bite on the head EVERY time I go outside to help them remember that I'M the boss. Don't forget. I'm the boss. And if you forget, I'll pee on your stuff. But I'm so cute you won't be able to stay mad at me. And I'll sit right beside you ON your knitting, because I love toasty things.


Blogger Janus Torrell said...

Aw Gino, you are a cute pooch, I am already going nuts trying to watch 3 dogs for the next few weeks otherwise I would let you come and torment the cat.

Just don't tell her that.

9/11/2006 10:59:00 PM  
Blogger ZhiWen said...

Sorry Gino, I also prefer cats :S Ones that have been raised to have good manners that is ;) But you are very, very cute!!

9/12/2006 05:47:00 AM  

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