Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yarn Aboard II

Because I am totally addicted to swaps and alongs now. And because Lynne is my idol and I copy everything she does, I signed up for Yarn Aboard II which looks totally fun. It keeps getting better, though. Captain Amanda sent us YAIIs an email saying she had partnered with "the wonderful people at Crown Mountain Farms" who would give us 20% off on many of the things they sell. Discounts, yummmm. So I popped over to CMF. CMF, yummm. Sock Hop Yarn, yummmm. Everything they have, yummmmm. I looked at the page of dyes they sell: Cushing's Perfection Direct Dye. I clicked to "embiggen" (argh, hate that word, what's wrong with enlarge?) the color card. As I'm perusing the colors, the place where Cushings is made jumped out at me. Can you see it?
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Kennebunkport, ME. That's where I'm spending my summer vacation! Well, actually Cape Porpoise, but same thing. Two words, friends. Field Trip


Blogger Bonzairn said...

Hey fellow red head, please let me know of any yarn/sock/whatever swaps..... I love this stuff!!!!

7/16/2006 04:23:00 AM  

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