Monday, July 03, 2006

C, eh?, N, eh?, D, eh?

We all know that's how you spell our fair neighbor to the North. Having lived in Canada for half my childhood years and with most of my immediate family still there, I feel I can straddle that border with some authority (ouch). Yarn Harlot's Canada Day tribute to Canada certainly generated a lot of comments. And while I didn't see everything that she posted as a thing for Canadians to celebrate, I can celebrate her freedom to celebrate them (if that makes sense). What bothered me, though was the comment section. It seemed that many of the American commenters felt obliged to compliment Canada by slapping the U.S. I liken it to the family motto. I can say my sister is ugly, but if you do, I have to beat you up. Or a better picture would be, I can think my sister is ugly, and I might say it to her at home, but when we go out, I put on my company manners and shut up. There are so many great things about Canada--most of them have to do with the incredible people who live there and the incomparable natural beauty. But there are things about Canada that really bite (and universal health care is one of them). Notice no one trotted out Canada's dirty little secrets on the YH's blog. And she certainly didn't feel the need to build up Canada at the expense of the U.S. She's practicing that delicious Canadian politeness which Eugene Levy praised so highly in the outtakes of A Mighty Wind (a must see). The politeness which our mums taught us--You don't build up by tearing down. So commenters, take a lesson from the Harlot: use your company manners when discussing our fair country because there's as much to love here as there is in Canada. And if it's really that bad here, don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.


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bless you for saying it

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