Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thanks for your prayers

Those of you who knew my mom was having hip replacement surgery. She had it yesterday and is recovering nicely. I'm so thankful! She's been waiting a year and a half, so when she didn't do the Canadian health care system a favor and die, they had to give in and fix her hip. (Don't get me started.) My parents even considered spending retirement savings and flying to India or Belgium for the surgery. But we can put that behind us now (grinds teeth) and pray for her speedy recovery. I selfishly want her to be better so she'll come to the family reunion in Maine coming up in August. It just won't be as fun without her. And we want to go yarn crawling (without the walker). Love you mom; you rock (and not in a rocking chair kinda way)! Here's my cute mommy on the right pictured with her equally cute sister, Eunice, who also had hip replacement surgery. Curse those Lilley hips; I have one too.


Anonymous Ellen said...

Lorinda, I didn't know, but I'm so glad to hear that the surgery was successful and that her first day of the recovery went so nicely.

Give her a hug from us and give her our best wishes for a speedy, full recovery!

6/29/2006 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know either! I also am very happy to hear that the surgery went well, and that there doesn't have to be a trip to India to get it taken care of. That should be for fun and adventure some other time! S.N.

7/01/2006 03:19:00 PM  

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