Monday, June 26, 2006

Secret Pal 8 is Great!

First rate! Crosses home plate! Okay, enough already. When I returned home from Glittery Folks on Frozen Water (last post), there was a package awaiting me. Much to my delight it was from my Secret Pal!!! She has been taunting me (in a nice way--neener, neener, and such--I'm secret and you're not) with my ignorance of her identity. So this package included clues (and cool stuff). Look with me, will you? Jinx, the bomb-sniffing cat is on the job (actually looking for treats to abscond with). The package passes muster, and I'm given the paws-up to look further. He did try to take the ribbon, though. I said it was too pretty to end up as a cat chew toy and hid it from him. SP8 sent me a book of poetry by John Ashbery. She even sent some clues as to how to read him. This is where the rubber will meet the road and my soi-disant intellectualism will be found out. When I can't converse about his poems without babbling, she'll know I read People magazine not Slate and watch reality tv instead of PBS (Okay, I'll admit to People, but I don't watch reality tv. If I'm going to watch tv, it's going to be with a healthy dose of out-of-the-closet fiction, not soi-disant reality. Oh, and I rarely watch PBS unless I get stuck watching Arthur with my kids. Arthur's better in French too; see below.). Sorry, I just have to keep saying soi-disant because it's one of the three or four words I remember from my French major in college. It means "so-called." Isn't it prettier in French? I digress, she also included rainbow-colored ribbon, yummy tea, some ornate silver buttons both lush and cute, a color card with clues as to her identity (she's in a picture on the Yarn Harlot's site from YH's visit to Mass.) and a very cool circle journal. It's a two-way journal which you fill out and mail to a special person who also journals in it and returns it to you. Hence the circle. Love it. Then I had a moment. Who in my life could I send it to who would actually fill it out and return it to me? Most of my friends are like I am--procrastinators. Who is special enough to share this incredible gift with me? Aha, I know. sp8, will you be my Circle Journal buddy, too? Thanks. I love everything in my package.


Blogger Chris said...

What a fun package! Heh, and even tho I posted about John Ashberry yesterday, I am NOT your SP8, 'cos I'm not playing that game! :)

6/26/2006 08:47:00 PM  
Anonymous knitty.gritty.3 said...

yay, i'm so glad i passed the jinx test! :) i am honored by the circle journal buddy offer, but i confess i am an honest procrastinator as well! so happy you love everything, and dont worry, i read gossip blogs as much as the next one :) :) hugs, sp8

6/26/2006 11:42:00 PM  
Blogger Cerella said...

That journal is the coolest! I'm going to try and find one for myself!!! :)

7/07/2006 08:43:00 PM  

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