Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project:Colorswap June Package is Here!

I was delighted to return home from schlepping kids around to find this awaiting me: I happy-danced it into the house and opened it right up. My Project:Colorswap package from my pal Cecily! (love that name) She probably has the best blog name I've ever seen. Despite moving, having to work, and the sweltering heat of St. Looie, she put together a most amazing spread of blue which I will share with you now. You know how you save the best for last and build to the climactic moment of a package-sharing? It's really hard to do when everything in it is great. First, the kitchen goodies (aka--you can never have too many): blue potholders (good, all mine are a hundred years old and have been set on fire several times), poppyseed muffin mix (YUM!), and popsicle makers (again, YUM!). Next, storage aids: the cutest jean tote bag ever (just the right size for a portable knitting project), a straight needle holder (to corrall those rolling loose in my dresser) and envelopes (which I am always needing). Next, the sweetest little blue flower beads. They are the perfect color. I love them. My favorite color of nail polish. My friends and family will be relieved because I'll use it instead of chartreuse; I call it "cadaver chic." Socks that Soar! My heart soars, Cecily; you thoughtful lady! Can't wait to try this out. Malabrigo! (No explanation needed, right folks?) Scout Swag! Cecily is not only beautiful, smart and talented; she reads minds as well. I've been drooling over Scout's swag since I signed up for Knit Sock Kit Swap. It's soft and perfectly wonderful. Can't wait to use it. And I, self-crowned Baroness of Blue, must bow and relinquish my crown to Cecily, the Empress of Blue. She sent FIVE CDs filled to the brim with blue music of all shapes and sizes. I am undone, happily so. And she included a handwritten description of the songs, some of which her choir sings or are composed by a family friend. Talk about an audiophile! I am delighted with the CDs, Cecily. Well done. You are wonderful, my friend. Thanks for making the whole month of June blue--in a good way.


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