Monday, June 05, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball is Here!

Staci is amazing! My Magic Yarn Ball arrived today. And I love it! Here are some photos of the unveiling, because of course I couldn't wait and uncover treasure as I knit. I had to unwind it NOW! Impulse control? What's that? But I checked with Staci, and she gave me the nod--so you may see into the depths of my Magic Yarn Ball. I tried asking it questions, but the only answers I got were that the yarn, the goodies and the sender are amazing. Unwind with me if you will. I'm trying to type right now with a lack cat completely obscuring the scren of my lap top. See what happens when he does Chaaos. Okay, I got him to move a little, but he's not happy about it. Back to the MYB-- So how can I stop drooling long enough to tell you the details? First GORGEOUS fabric she wrapped it in. Only a couple of the pictures capture the gold thread running throughout. And the yarn? Not one, but two--count 'em two--skeins of Tahki Isabella, a wool, mohair, nylon blend. It's a thick and thin yarn with purples, rusts and orangey-reds in the colorway. Very soft. I'm thinking Moebius, how about you? Now I really need to get Cat Bordhi's first book. Do you see what's hanging from the MYB? Something I've wanted for ages: the Clover yarn/thread cutter thingie. Next, a vintage button (and Staci tells me I can find more in Joann's vintage button section). ABC and I keep unwinding . . . Et voici une jolie mesure de bande (yeah, since I checked that on Babelfish, it probably says "a tape whereby one measures cute"). Because every knitty girl knows you can never have too many needles, too much yarn or too many measuring tapes. Merci, ma petite. Next a pompom maker. Yay. I haven't made pompom since I was a kid, and I never had a fancy schmancy pompom maker to do it. Excuse me while I think I'm all that. Darning needles. Again, you can never have too many. I'm really happy with how these pictures turned out. All the buttons together--inspiring me to make something beautiful and waiting for their turn to be part of it. And the ball that started it all which I will hide from my kids. Here's the whole kit and caboodle. I feel light-hearted just thinking about and looking at these treasures. That's a sure indication that the yarn ball was magic and that Staci has the gift of sending her magic across the miles. Thanks again for this wonderful gift of your time, your creativity and your friendship, Staci.


Anonymous staci said...

hooray! your post is lovely. i hope that i can do your magic yarn ball justice :)

6/06/2006 09:24:00 PM  

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