Monday, June 26, 2006

I Spent Saturday with the Stars

Although you wouldn't know it 'cause all I got were really bad photos. I took Miss Skaty McAxelpants to see Champions on Ice at Chicago's United Center Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and we arrived in plenty of time. I was a little concerned about parking far away and having to walk through that area of town with just we two suburbanites, so I sprang for the good parking. And I'm not making this up. We parked right by the Michael Jordan statue, well in the second row of parking spots. We entered the United Center, after Miss Skaty got herself interviewed by two handsome Japanese men for Tokyo TV. We both flunked the test about who won the women's gold medal in skating. We knew it wasn't Sasha, and that was so four months ago. They reminded us that Shizuka Arikawa was the gold medalist, and that we'd be seeing her skate that day. No problems finding seats in the semi-nosebleed section. Then we sat and waited for the show to start. I knit (believe it or not they let me bring my DPNs in), and ABC watched impatiently for any sign of Michelle Kwan. We also bought a t-shirt; I'm such a pushover. They had the cutest skate skirts, but the logo was right on the bum. I cannot stand words on the rear end of clothing; no kid of mine in going to have Champions on ass. Then the show began, and we were treated to two hours of phenomenally fun skating. Such a different atmosphere than in competition. And when the woman from the gold medal pairs fell on her tush right at the end, she just smiled and got back up. It was good to see hometown boy Evan Lysacek and Peoria native Matt Savoie. We loved every moment of it--especially Michelle and Sasha. And of course Tanith and Ben. And I love Evgeni Plushenko. All good. I won't even bore you with my blurry nasty shots. But Skaty McAxelpants thought it was great and is still raving about it. She's all set to be an Olympic medalist. Maybe then we'll get the VIP seats.


Blogger Bonzairn said...

Sounds like a great time. Your daughter is adorable. DPNS in the UC - yup done it.... during a concert (well waiting for...)

6/26/2006 07:26:00 PM  

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