Friday, June 16, 2006

Cruise update

My daughter has invited herself to come on the cruise. She wonders why we might get dropped off in Vancouver (where's that?). Ok, Canadian family members, don't diss me. She wants the cruise ship to drop us off in Illinois. Ah, public school education, gotta love it. No child gets left behind, be it in Vancouver or Illinois. On that note, though, Erin sent a second email: Sorry..I forgot one thing... The ship that Patricia chose is very accessible for everyone. There are activities (that parents do not have to supervise) for children ages 3 and up and potty trained. So, that means...we parents all get a vacation too. The cowboy and D are coming with me! Let me know if you have any questions and spread the word!!!!! If any of yoy are podcasters...we would love to get on your radar and podcasts. Also...there are plans for Fall 2007 that may be closer to the Mama's home!


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