Thursday, May 04, 2006


Here's the new and I hope improved LKF bag. I cut the handles and stitched them down. Currently I'm using lovely hand-made needles from nevada-jade on eBay. (Her yarn is gorgeous too. I'm saving it for a special scarf or a secret pal gift. Shhh! Don't tell.) I may end up using dowels, but it's knitting needles until someone's eye gets poked out. I also took off the celtic knot and sewed it down again so it was flat. Note to self: don't stitch down only the edges because it pokes out in the middle, felts unevenly, and is quite unattractive. Things to learn for next time. I will make the bag MUCH taller. It was twelve inches unfelted, and now (after two washings) it's 5.5 inches. I'll try to figure out the right way to do handles, too.


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