Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now I HAVE to buy the book!

Those reckin-fleckin' (as Yosemite Sam says) ladies over at Mason Dixon Knitting have finally roped me in. I could resist the baby kimono (no neo-nates on the horizon), I could withstand the dishcloths (barely), I tore myself away from the mitered square blanket, I crawled sobbing from the log cabin, but darn it y'all! You didn't play fair; you put felted boxes in your book. I'm lost; you had me at "felt." I have to order it, probably today. It's all your fault. You're heartless, and I love you.
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This picture is from the Mason Dixon website (5/9/2006). I hope that's not stealing. If it is, I'm sorry. I'm not stealing bandwidth; I promise! I'm buying the book, and soon I'll have my own sweet boxies to post.


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