Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not Even the Yarn Harlot Can Save This One

I'm not one to be catty, but the Yarn Harlot's latest project Grenyrn is just scary. I expect it to show up soon on You Knit What? She should be thankful it doesn't fit. Just because you CAN knit something doesn't mean you should. I was relieved to see that not everyone on S P-M's website was sucking up. And what's up with the name? What is a Grenyrn anyway? Something from Beowulf? Reminds me of a line from Men In Black when J and K are talking to the wife of the guy invaded by the alien: "Yeah, and you're better off 'cause he never appreciated you anyway. In fact, you kicked him out, and now that he's gone, you ought to buy some new clothes, maybe hire a decorator or something... 'Cause DAMN!" Nobody says it better than Will Smith.


Anonymous Stephanie said...

I was actually surprised that people would tell me that it was ugly.
I expect "not to my taste" or "are you sure about that" or "well, I wouldn't" but to be told flat out that your knitting is ugly?

The internet is a wonderous thing. I have never, not in 30 odd years of knitting had a single soul walk up to me and say "Wow. Is your work ever ugly." or "I can't believe that's what you're knitting, does it ever suck", yet many people apparently felt that to email me or leave comments to that effect was completely fine. I thought it was an interesting phenomenon.
Something most of those people would never do in real life at all, come into someone's house and diss the decorating, right to their face.

Now, this is your house, so I certainly don't think poorly of you expressing your opinion here, but I was intrigued that you thought behaviour which would be considered rude in person was "not sucking up" on the internet.

As for not knowing what a grenyrn is, the archives or the search box on the sidebar of the blog will help you there. Now. The sweater was not to your taste?

5/18/2006 07:38:00 AM  

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