Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nancy Maia--Paper Artist Extraordinaire

A while back I challenged my family and friends to send me photos of their creations. No bites. Either they a) delete my emails as spam, b) are too busy to email me pictures, c) want to hurt my feelings, d) don't want to share their craftiness with my 2.3 readers (hi mom) or e) aren't crafting? Only one cousin replied: the lovely and talented Nancy Maia. She is married to the handsome and debonair Steve (whom I always had a crush on as a kid :) Reports are that she is a world-class quilter. I haven't seen her quilts, but I'm longing too. She's also an avid reader, interesting conversationalist, and of late a Paper Artist. She sent me four pictures of her current work. Love Nest Hand made paper sculpture by N.Maia Howes, juried into papr show, SMFA, April.2006 Vessel II Nest box Nest box They are stunning! I'm including her descriptions of the work, so I can do each of them full credit. From her email: "The first two are from a nest box series I did a couple of years ago. There are 7 of them and are about 5"x5". I still have hopes of making individual copper shelves for them and hanging them along with a print that I bought that compliments them. The third piece is the second vessel I made covering a wire armature with very thin hand made kozo paper. It is very delicate and a bit mysterious. It was featured in a juried show at a local museum last year. I would like to do more of these and have been encouraged to work LARGE. The fourth is self explanatory. It started out as fulfillment of a class assignment and then told me what it was. Tomorrow is my last paper class of the semester. I have been playing with another bowl shape that evolved from a failed project. It is a sort of "feather your nest" piece and involves Hershey's kisses among other things. I am hoping to set up a paper studio in the empty bay in our garage for the summer and do some work on my own." Isn't she amazing? Can't wait to see more from her. Yay, Nancy Maia! Thanks for participating! Tell me your favorite N. Maia sculpture, and I'll tell you mine!


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