Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May meets June

May is almost over, and I've posted no Project Spectrum photos yet. I know, I know. I'm not procrastinating, honest. May and June colors are both in my new and improved sac du marché (probably a sad Americanism there). I'll post pics soon; now the only thing green thing I have is envy at the other knoggers who have finished projects and lovely photo essays of the greens in their lives. Check out Lynne's May 21 posting. I'm also working on my pincushion which needs to be done by tomorrow. Finishing touches are all that I have left. Back to working on my sac du marché. auvoir. P.S. Here's a teensy peek at my Sac. I was shamed into taking photos for something else, so I'm posting it now. Blue is Noro Kureyon #40, green is Malabrigo Lettuce. It will be interesting to see how they felt together. My fingers are numb from knitting the Noro--callouses, nerve damage, broken Denises, three needle-size changes. It had better be gorgeous or I'm going to break something (besides my Denises).


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