Saturday, May 06, 2006

Longing Fulfilled

After years of longing, I broke down. Fifty dollars was not too much. And he is with me again. Archibald Rutledge, poet laureate of South Carolina, and his complete collected poems: Deep River. I can't find a couple of the ones that I'm longing to read, but this one felt like coming home. Wounds and Waters There is a healing for your wounds of war Where wildflowers in their timid beauty weep By quiet waters; in the awful sweep Of ocean's orchestration rolled afar. The silvery bells of streams will set ajar Windows to your recovery. The deep Silence of lakes will bring white sails of sleep, Bearing the racked to where the rescued are. But if the wounds be love's, they go unhealed By rain on scented pines, or the laughing run Of rivulets through forest, glen, or field, Or mystic mountain lakes in the setting sun, Or ocean's wild old melody. They yield Only to Lethe and Oblivion.


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