Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fair Isle Part 2

I had my second Fair Isle class yesterday which was a heady mixture of art 101 (for color dummies like I who know WHAT they like, but not WHY they like it), philosophy, fair isle history and technique and soul sharing. I'm not kidding, this is way cheaper (well, maybe not) and a lot more helpful than going to a psychiatrist. I couldn't tear myself away from that great group of ladies. I showed Mary (Queen of Color and Platinum Star Fair Isler) my Fair Isle bag, and she loved it--I was so happy, and then suggested that since bamboo is so soft, instead of trying to make it stand up with a plastic canvas lining, why didn't I put a tassel on the bottom? It would show off the cool target design on the bottom and add a Victorian touch to my modern-colored bag. She and Nancy (crochet lady, mother of beautiful daughters, button consultant and general hoot) told me how to make a tassel. I ran home and tasseled myself up a little decoration for my bag, and here it is: Now I hope to be able to tackle a project like this one from Nordic Fiber Arts.
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