Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Charitable Accountability has been so inspirational to me! Although Whiplash is officially over, and I wasn't able to complete my project in time (I bit off more than I could chew--like whole continents worth ;)--more about that later), I went in and looked at all the entries for the final week. Color was the theme, and there were so many lovely and inspiring entries. I'm still in awe. Counting Mermaid's entry was one of my favorites. I love her yarn and especially the names she gives her creations. She has a great sense of humor, eye for color and philanthropic heart. Through her blog, I found 25 Things for Charity. It's a challenge to make and give away 25 handcrafted items over a twelve-month period to a charity of your choice. The purpose of the blog isn't to toot your own horn, but rather to have a collective accountability and a place to share ideas of what to make, how to make it, and where to give it. I already have a designated charity, and I've already made several things, but I'm setting my giving ticker back to zero. I'm sticking with prayer shawls, and I'm getting involved in Caring Hearts and Hands. It's a great ministry dedicated to helping those with physical and spiritual needs. Love with shoes on (or a shawl). In fact, instead of blogging, I should be finishing up the shawl I said I'd have done by Friday as a sample. Yikes, do I feel another all-nighter coming on? I'm not in grad school anymore.


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