Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All lie sleeping, sleeping, sleeping

I can see the Reader's Theater in memory, much like the poem itself. Why do I keep giving away or losing the books I love best? Back to Amazon to order it again . . . Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology--the best Emily Sparks Where is my boy, my boy In what far part of the world? The boy I loved best of all in the school?-- I, the teacher, the old maid, the virgin heart, Who made them all my children. Did I know my boy aright, Thinking of him as a spirit aflame, Active, ever aspiring? Oh, boy, boy, for whom I prayed and prayed In many a watchful hour at night, Do you remember the letter I wrote you Of the beautiful love of Christ? And whether you ever took it or not, My, boy, whereever you are, Work for your soul's sake, That all the clay of you, all of the dross of you, May yield to the fire of you, Till the fire is nothing but light!... Nothing but light!


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