Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ain't that right, Eggah?

How sad is this? I can't find the USB cord to my digital camera in all the clutter of my house, so I had to take the memory card out of my new camera and put it in the old camera because I know where the USB cord for that one is (on the floor beside my bed). It reminds me of a childhood fear. My grandparents had a neighbor whose house would send a feng shui-er into cardiac arrest at the front door. I never saw inside, but I was told the house was completely packed with stuff--stacks of newspapers so big and high that there was only a narrow path through the entire house. What made it worse is that this eccentric (albeit harmless as I recall) neighbor (distant relation?) and I shared a birthday. I trembled that I was doomed by our shared natal day to become the hermit-like packrat he was. Our family has birthdays that group in threes, and we take a rather perverse pride in it--like we had any control over it. Needless to say, my shared birthday was a topic of delighted teasing, much to my prepubescent chagrin. And here I am, thiry plus years later, looking through the feng-shui nightmare that is my living space. It appears that I can't outrun my destiny, because if I tried, I'd probably trip over the USB cord lying on the floor.


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