Monday, April 24, 2006

Show Us Your Stuff Challenge!

I sent out a group e-mail to everyone privileged enough to be in my addresss book. My challenge is this: send me a photo (or if you want, the real thing, but I get to keep it) of what you do--do you write beautiful verse? I'll post it. Do you decorate cakes that are too pretty to eat? I'll post them (and then eat them). Knit like Mme Defarge? I'll post it. Carve wood like Michelangelo did marble? Send me a photo, and it's on. Then the 2.3 people that read my blog (hi mom) can see it and marvel at your talent, your perspicacity, and your amazing wonderfulness. If you have a weblink, email or phone number to sell your wares, I'll include that. Let's network and flood the world with our cool beans stuff. You know you rock and you know you want everyone to know it. Come on, everyone's doing it. ;)


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