Wednesday, April 26, 2006


by Jack and a classmate when told to describe something outside in poetry form: It's bright green, and orange, and grows in the ground, And if you're lucky, more than 2 will be found. They've got a weird song named after them, It's sung by a fellow who's name is Tiny Tim. It's in front of a wall paved with some bricks, And in between bushes with lots of green pricks. 3 of them are extremely tall, But one hasn't grown yet it's still very small. And right behind them, but not back to the wall, There's a bright yellow bush with sticks leaves and all. You'll find them on this street, by the elementary school, In summer, they're pretty, like diamonds or jewels. Inside of them, it's dark green and yellow, Outside, the colors are bright, but inside they're mellow. We'll give you a hint, they're surrounded by wood chips, If you haven't guessed yet, we'll tell you . . . They're tulips!


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