Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prayer Shawl

I started a prayer shawl for someone who is hurting, but I used wool. About halfway through the project, I realized it's not very kind to give a gift that needs to be handwashed to someone who has a hard time standing up and walking. So I frogged the whole thing, and I made a bowl with it instead. You'll see it later. I turned, against my will, to acrylic yarn which is machine washable. Lion Brand Homespun. It's actually very soft, not hard to work with, and won't break the bank. Time to give some of my knitting time to prayer and ministry. It's true knitting can be very contemplative, and what better way to use the time than to pray for others! My first shawl went to my mother's friend recovering from knee replacement surgery and then a blood clot. On the first shawl, which I frogged, I used the "Added Three Shawl" pattern from I didn't like how it looked with the Noro Kureyon which I was using, and I kept forgetting that knit stitch in the center. Argh. I went with the basic shawl pattern on the shawl site, and I think it turned out well. My friend's mom liked it, and I was honored to be praying for her. That's all that matters. Hopefully it won't shed all over her house!


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