Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Pincushion Challenge

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Julie of Booga J and Black Sheep Bags fame has posed a challenge on her blog--a Pincushion Challenge. This month's theme is Fruit. I pondered, shall I make a new pincushion? I don't really need one, and I don't want any diversions from my knitting. Then I envisioned a cute knit/felted pincushion. I'm noodling on one. It might be a challenge with the Use What You Have philosophy I am trying to espouse (at the end of the month--maybe mine will be UWYH year). But some black strawberries (what they really look like in my fridge anyway) or some green whatevers might be cute. I'll keep noodling, or should I say rolling ideas around in my melon?


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