Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm the first winner!

My kids, when they were little, used to rejoice when they had a contest. One would be the "first winner," and the other one would be the "second winner." I had to bite my tongue not to say, "The other name for the second winner is the LOSER!" But I digress (maybe that should be the name of my blog). I'm actually the 37th winner! And this time, for once, it means I'm not a loser! There is a group of amazing indie artists on the Web who have joined forces to show their great creations. I found them here: happilyhandmadegiveaway. The contest has ended now, and I'm happy to say I was gift basket #37 winner. I've never won anything so fabulous in my life! Amy Peters of amypetersstudio emailed me April 15th (what a great tax day for a change!) to let me know I'd won. I had my basket in hand by Tuesday, April 18th. Impressive. And it was everything they promised--and better. No catch! I dove into the box of goodies, and like a dufus, forgot to photograph the spoils. Here's the pic from HH's website: Now my plan is to show off my prizes one by one and brag on the neat artists who shared their goods so willingly. I sent a personal email to each one who provided a gift--not to toot my horn, that's just good manners--, and I'm happy to say I received a flood of gracious responses from these indie artists. So visit their webstores and buy, buy, buy! The gifts I received are beautifully designed, wonderfully creative and expertly crafted. I love quality. And check their websites for more contests. There's another one already going on--seekindie. Maybe you'll be the first winner, or the second, or the thirty-seventh.


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