Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Bag I Keep Felting

This is one of my early felted bag experiments. I adapted a pattern from my knitting calendar because I wanted to use Icelandic wool. You know, the kind for giant bulky sweaters. I carried along one strand of Baby Monkey yarn at the top. The colors are great together, but the bag was huge. It shrank in height but not width. I haven't kept the best felting log, but I venture to say I've felted this ten times. I figured no one would ever want it because it is is big and bulky. Then I went for coffee with my dear friend Cindy, and she says she wants it because it exactly matches her spring coat! I'm thrilled because my first self-designed bag has found a loving home. This photo isn't the final stage, but she already has the bag. I told her I'd try magnetic closures on the bag, but I need to figure out how to cover them up once I put them on an already completed bag. I think I need to knit an extra thickness on that section of the bag. Hmmmmm.


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