Monday, February 27, 2006

Kitty Pi--sung to the Beatle's tune "Honey Pie"

Making up titles to each blog is sometimes the hardest part of the exercise. Is that what daunts me? I had a slew of knitting pictures taken in the digital camera to post and then realized the camera was on the wrong setting (mistakes were made), so all were lost. Poo. Some cannot be replicated since I've felted the items. So I'll post what I do have. Here is my Kitty Pi--kitty bed extraordinaire--from the pattern posted here: I used the directions in the photo gallery for the larger size bed. Sadly, the sides are floppy. I can put cardboard inside to stiffen them up. Next time I guess thicker wool or double strands. Kitties are using it though, as evidenced by Velvet sitting on it which I did NOT pose. Honest.


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