Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Spiderman, who are you?

My friend loves words as much as I do, collecting them and hiding them away, to bring out and share with awe. He directed me to the blog his brother writes. It's very funny, and I confess to being a sucker for Southern men (or Southern accents at the very least :) Anyway, he had the superhero quiz on his blog. Take it and get in touch with your inner superhero (or hero support--aka: side kick): One of these days I'll have Nature/Computer Geek J show me how to do those linky things. I confess at first I was a little offended not to be Catwoman or Wonderwoman or somebody hot and slightly edgy, but I guess in reality I am Spiderman. He always was my favorite superhero. I actually watched the campy Spiderman cartoon afterschool. And I even made up hand motions to the Spiderman song which my friends and I would sing at school and which I remember to this day. A little scary. I must be in touch with the lovable loser/social outcast side of my psyche.


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