Monday, February 27, 2006

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right.

I used to listen to that song, and nice WASP-ish girl that I was, feel a little thrill of horror that someone would sing such a thing. But I have a confession to make. I feel that way about yarn. It's true--I have joined the ranks of the fiber-addicted. I pretend I haven't gone on eBay and dropped enough pesos to buy a small car. I act like I don't have dozens of skeins in my cedar chest "to preserve them from moths." More likely to keep my family from actually counting how much yarn I have. I would say that I should 12-step this, but I'm not ready to. The flush of the love is too newly rekindled, and the yarn is so much more gorgeous than during my days as a displaced Canadian collegiate in the South knitting with (horrors!) purple acrylic. Again, as a WASP-ish good girl, I don't read horoscopes. I yell at my kids if they even look at them. So why was I drawn onto the screen of knitter's horoscopes, almost as if I had no control over myself? It's a shameless marketing ploy, but I fell--HARD. And here it is: SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22): Your main problem is you get so obsessed about your hobby it can take over your life. Knitting is your spice of life and Colinette is your muse! These hand-dyed yarns made in Wales are just the thing to inspire you. Complex colors, intense texture and simple design will keep your creativity flowing. SCORPIO LUCKY YARN: Colinette Don't even get me started. It's true. I'm obsessed. Cleaning? Paying bills? Feeding my children? Taking the dog out? Showering? Fuggedaboudit. I even looked at the Colinette. You know what I sucker I am for a yarn with a UK accent. I shall justify it by thinking up some noble cause to knit with it. I can honestly say I don't even care about keeping the end product--it's the process and the textiles for which I yearn. They are my food and drink and air. Can I call this a spiritual gift and get credit for it? I hope so.


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