Monday, February 27, 2006

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right.

I used to listen to that song, and nice WASP-ish girl that I was, feel a little thrill of horror that someone would sing such a thing. But I have a confession to make. I feel that way about yarn. It's true--I have joined the ranks of the fiber-addicted. I pretend I haven't gone on eBay and dropped enough pesos to buy a small car. I act like I don't have dozens of skeins in my cedar chest "to preserve them from moths." More likely to keep my family from actually counting how much yarn I have. I would say that I should 12-step this, but I'm not ready to. The flush of the love is too newly rekindled, and the yarn is so much more gorgeous than during my days as a displaced Canadian collegiate in the South knitting with (horrors!) purple acrylic. Again, as a WASP-ish good girl, I don't read horoscopes. I yell at my kids if they even look at them. So why was I drawn onto the screen of knitter's horoscopes, almost as if I had no control over myself? It's a shameless marketing ploy, but I fell--HARD. And here it is: SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22): Your main problem is you get so obsessed about your hobby it can take over your life. Knitting is your spice of life and Colinette is your muse! These hand-dyed yarns made in Wales are just the thing to inspire you. Complex colors, intense texture and simple design will keep your creativity flowing. SCORPIO LUCKY YARN: Colinette Don't even get me started. It's true. I'm obsessed. Cleaning? Paying bills? Feeding my children? Taking the dog out? Showering? Fuggedaboudit. I even looked at the Colinette. You know what I sucker I am for a yarn with a UK accent. I shall justify it by thinking up some noble cause to knit with it. I can honestly say I don't even care about keeping the end product--it's the process and the textiles for which I yearn. They are my food and drink and air. Can I call this a spiritual gift and get credit for it? I hope so.

Booga bag

Everyone should make one of these just because the name is fun. I used Noro Kureyon yarn #131 which I've since decided is not my favorite blend of colors.

I'm Spiderman, who are you?

My friend loves words as much as I do, collecting them and hiding them away, to bring out and share with awe. He directed me to the blog his brother writes. It's very funny, and I confess to being a sucker for Southern men (or Southern accents at the very least :) Anyway, he had the superhero quiz on his blog. Take it and get in touch with your inner superhero (or hero support--aka: side kick): One of these days I'll have Nature/Computer Geek J show me how to do those linky things. I confess at first I was a little offended not to be Catwoman or Wonderwoman or somebody hot and slightly edgy, but I guess in reality I am Spiderman. He always was my favorite superhero. I actually watched the campy Spiderman cartoon afterschool. And I even made up hand motions to the Spiderman song which my friends and I would sing at school and which I remember to this day. A little scary. I must be in touch with the lovable loser/social outcast side of my psyche.

Kitty Pi--sung to the Beatle's tune "Honey Pie"

Making up titles to each blog is sometimes the hardest part of the exercise. Is that what daunts me? I had a slew of knitting pictures taken in the digital camera to post and then realized the camera was on the wrong setting (mistakes were made), so all were lost. Poo. Some cannot be replicated since I've felted the items. So I'll post what I do have. Here is my Kitty Pi--kitty bed extraordinaire--from the pattern posted here: I used the directions in the photo gallery for the larger size bed. Sadly, the sides are floppy. I can put cardboard inside to stiffen them up. Next time I guess thicker wool or double strands. Kitties are using it though, as evidenced by Velvet sitting on it which I did NOT pose. Honest.