Monday, January 23, 2006

Then I found the Knifty Knitter

Maybe I resisted buying it, because I hate it when people spell with the letter K when they aren't supposed to. It's just wrong. Anyway, saw a set of 4 different sized looms, but I didn't buy it because I didn't have $9. Then I went back to Michael's/Joann, and none were to be had for love nor money. I broke down and bought a single loom (the blue medium-sized one) and figured I'd complete my collection later. First attempt was the blue chenille hat. Alana made a purple chenille, but I can't find it. Then I combined yarn--soft mohairy black with the thick/thin burgundy yarn. I love how the pattern of the thick/thin showed up as a spiral. I found the complete kit at Hancock Fabric for $24. I bought it with the plan to return it if I found it cheaper. I then headed to Michael's in Downers Grove and found the kit (stacks of them) for $9. Needless to say, I returned the other one. That Michael's is the mecca for yarn lovers. I found some fabulous patterns and yarn and have packed my little knitting supplies drawer full of lovely things to use later. The Knifty (argh) Knitter has patterns for hats only, so I looked online and found some free patterns for using the loom at and FreeProject_KniftyKnitter. I'd like to make a scarf, but it seems like most people use the long rectangular loom for that. Maybe some other day.


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