Monday, January 23, 2006

The piece de resistance

My aunt has lung cancer and has started chemo and radiation. The report is that her hair is coming out in chunks, so I thought I'd knit her a hat. There are tons of cute patterns for hats on the internet. My especial favorite is the hat "The No Hair Day Hairy Chemo Cap." It uses eyelash yarn and looks like poinky hair. Very fun: I didn't have the right yarn to do that, and I wanted to make something soft and colorful. Despite warnings never to buy yarn on eBay (from the local knit shop ladies--no irony there). No really, if you get something from somebody's basement it could be musty and yucky: an asthmatic's delight. But I found recycled sari yarn and fell in love. I ordered ten skeins and they arrived posthaste. The seller suggested using mohair yarn to make the end product extra soft. I ordered red and pink mohair, thinking that they would match they multicolored hues of the sari yarn. But my mom is right, Laynie is not a pastel-y, pinky kinda lady. She's more a jeans and sweatshirt girl. Mom says Tiny Gramp (their grandfather) used to call Layne "Hiram" because she was his farm hand. So I fished in my drawer and found my soft black yarn and put the two together. I followed the no-hair day pattern on circular needles but (as is usually the case) didn't check the gauge. The hat turned out big enough for Layne and a friend or two to wear, so I ripped it out (I'm getting good at that), and redid it on the Knifty Knitter red loom. It turned out nice and snug, and I whipped up a loosey-goosey scarf on the big fat #50 needles with the yarn I had left. Both soft and toasty and beautiful, I think. I hand washed them (silk sari yarn is a little fabric-y stinky) with the delicate wash I bought at the lingerie store--smells right nice now. They are drying on the table now, and I hope to pack them off tomorrow. I hope they fit. I suppose it's the thought that counts, but fittin' and likin' are nice too. And with a little more practice, I hope to have decent pictures of my artsy creations as well.


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