Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm just laughing--

at how wrinkled the blanket I used as background for my knitting pictures is. The floor was too gross to use as a background, and the couch is too dark, so I guess I chose the least of three evils. Here are some offerings from my mom, who calls herself and intermediate knitter, but does lovely work. She compares herself too much to other people who are unnaturally gifted and should be shunned or idolized. The blue scarf has lovely greeny bits in it, and my mom said she made something flashy to look good with my red hair. Nice soft scarf. Notice the cat helping take pictures. That's Jasper (Doodle as ABC calls him). As I read the Knitter blogs, almost everyone has a cat. I guess I'm fitting the prototype. Three cats and a Yorkie smaller than any of them. The pink scarf if from Nanny to Alana and has a matching purse. Again, not sure where any of ABC's stuff is. She is truly a chip off the messy block.


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