Monday, January 23, 2006

I started slowly . . .

First, I pulled out a learn-to-knit kit I bought for my daughter in a failed attempt to teach her to knit. I realized after looking at the yarn that maybe the failure wasn't all my fault. Who could learn to knit on pink eyelash yarn which completely hides the stitches? I ask you. So I knit that scarf up with size 13 needles and trundled it off to my mom for Xmas. She says she likes it. She's probably just being nice. Then I made a scarf for my friend's mother with two skeins of Red Beautiful Yarn (by Joann Fabric). Again on size 13s. It was incredibly soft and fluffy, but I didn't like the way it curled. Too wide too. No pictures of those. Next project was my first attempt at combining yarn. All I had was the leftover pink eyelash and purple chenille yarn. Hideous color combo, but feels nice. Just straight knitting. I'll have to start keeping track of each project--how many stitches cast on, how long finished project is, size of needles, stitches used, etc. Here's the pink/purple monstrosity:


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