Monday, January 23, 2006

And now for something a little different

I went to my favorite local knitting store Knitche (they sell Intelli coffee, yay). The owner had designed a felted handbag that was published in a book of cool knitting projects "Hip Handbags" by Valerie Van Arsdale Schrader (Lark Books, 2005). I loved the design, but was a little put off by the sample project. It was pink and brown--the colors of the chocolate shop in downtown Naperville which makes me feel a little sick every time I enter there. (BTW, the Knitche kits are available by calling 630 (852-KNIT.) Perhaps the colors grew on me, though (like mold), and I chose to buy the sample color and not the monochromatic black kit. Talk about stepping outside the comfort zone! I figured it would be easier to see the mistakes with a CC (contrasting color). Bought the circular needles, etc and whipped the project up without too much difficulty. There's a mistake at the beginning as I reacquainted myself with what it means to use circular needles. Yes, Virginia, you are actually supposed to CONNECT the circle. All's well that ends well. I felted it; it turned out cute, and my only step left is to find a tapestry needle that is the right size to sew on my button. It seems the finishing step of projects is a recurring theme I need to work on. Not surprising. I used the leftover yarn to create my own bag which I have not yet felted nor found a button for. Something old fashionedy would look good, methinks.


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