Thursday, November 03, 2005

Of bead and bookshops and burning bushes

Today we shopped, Al and I. We went first to the bead store and soaked the beauty of the beads in through every pore. A delight to the senses, we plunged our fingers as deeply as we could into the bins and luxuriated in the feelings. She picked up a bead shaped like a grape, and with a wistful look whispered to me, "I want to put it in my mouth." I smiled, understanding completely. The next place on our list was our favorite bookstore: Anderson's. The Mecca of all independent bookstore lovers. The only thing they need is more chairs, but then noone would ever leave. We picked up Jack before going there, and the two of them disappeared at the door with nary a backward glance. They were completely at home, and I found them a short time later at the back of the store, flopped on their bellies, foreheads almost touching, noses in books. Without constraint I could wander the aisles, and I did. Senses alert, I ran my fingers across the titles, feasted my eyes on words and colors, attuned my ears to the rustle of pages and the chatter of customers, flared my nostrils to catch the binding glue and paper smells. Like Al at the bead shop, I wondered what I could find to put in my mouth to complete the picture. Every book is a present waiting to be opened, a friend beckoning to come play, a lover reaching out to embrace. My passions are stirred as I stand in the midst of so much riches. Tempted to buy all, I choose to buy none, and that in itself feels good. I know the books will be there when I return. We leave, and the children sprint ahead of me up the hill to the car. I admire the burning bush set ablaze in the setting sun, and the surprisingly warm fall wind whips across my face and across my spirit, awakening a sense of wonder and joy. Who needs drugs when the simple graces of walking through a bookshop or an autumn gust gives me a high I couldn't hope to buy. Maybe the best things in life really are free.


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