Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two Roads? I Think Not.

When two roads have diverged in a yellow wood, and I've taken the road less traveled, or the road more traveled--how do I return to the one I left behind? Shall I always find myself back on the same road, no matter how many rabbit trails lure me away? No matter how many purposeful detours I make? If life is a road, as I suppose Robert Frost meant it to be, am I destined to walk this one? I look at my life, and despite the changes I've tried to make, I'm stuck with the me that I am, warts and all. It strikes me that there are more warts than not. Every effort to be better, smarter, kinder, disciplined, holier deposit me in the end at the same place in the same path. I'm a person who can barely do the dishes, let alone motivate myself to leave the house or change the world. Today the hope seems small things will change, for more than five minutes anyway.


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