Thursday, June 23, 2005

Great Minds Think Alike?

Okay, what are the odds of this? Today my kids were screaming at each other as I tried to get ready to take them to Vacation Bible School. I don't mean that it's odd that they were screaming nor that we were heading to VBS, let me explain. No, let me sum up. Anyway (or anyways if you are from Manitoba), my daughter runs in to "tell" me--read here tattle--that her brother had gotten water all over the kitchen, but she had cleaned it up. I went out, did the obligatory lecture about messes, proper things to use to wipe up messes, proper way to hang wet stuff used to clean up messes etc. Then we left for the morning. Fast forward to the afternoon. We get home, get on the swimsuits, and get ready to beat the heat at the pool. I help smear on the sunscreen and go to the sink to wash my hands. The water isn't coming out of the tap, and I can't figure out why until I get blasted by a jet from the squirty-thing (what is that thing called? spray hose?). Not sure what happened, I turn the water off and on again. Another blast from the jet spray. Soaking wet, I turn the water off again and inspect the spray hose. It has been clamped into the "on position" by a rubber band. "JACK!" I screamed. I made him come into the kitchen, clean up the flood and take the offending rubber band off the sink. Another lecture about proper behavior, blah blah blah. Later in the afternoon, I called my sister who lives in another country. She, too, has a tween-aged boy (in addition to several other kids). In the course of our conversation, she informed me that her son played a trick on her today and put an elastic band (in our country a rubber band) around the spray nozzle of the sink to get her wet. She left it on to get him wet while he did the dishes after supper, but she kept forgetting, turning the water on and getting blasted in the belly by the son-designed water propulsion system. What are the odds of that? I was speechless. Two cousins, two thousand miles apart, pulling the same prank on the same day? Were they calling each other? Emailing? Reading the same "Nasty Tricks to Play on Mum" book? I guess I'll have to file that under the "Things that make you go hmmmm" category. Like the matching birthday cards I used to get every year from my mother's sisters who lived in different states. Either they bought all their cards together at the same store when they went to see Nana or they were so sympatico they thought and acted alike across the miles? I guess the old saying is true: Great Minds Think Alike. Or is it: Fools Seldom Differ?


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