Friday, April 15, 2005

The Fool on the Hill

I watched Larry King last night for a few minutes, but I could not stomach the president of the American Athiest Soceity (or whatever they call themselves). I kept expecting (hoping?) for her to fall over dead in an evident judgment from the Sovereign of the Universe. And yet, as far as I saw, He did not--allowing her to breathe His air to and walk on His firmament to blaspeheme Him. I wanted action!!!! Punishment!!! Then I remembered the words of George MacDonald's poem from The Diary of an Old Soul, June 13th mediation: Faster no step moves God because the fool Shouts to the universe God there is none; The blindest man will not preach out the sun, Though on his darkness he should found a school. It may be, when he finds he is not dead, Though world and body, sight and sound are fled, Some eyes may open in his foolish head. Humbled, I removed my judge's robes and was thankful that I too had been spared the judgment I so greatly deserve.


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