Thursday, April 14, 2005

All in All It's Just Another Branch on the Wall

I sat and waited in line today, as is my wont, outside the cleaners this time. Am I dirtying the air as I idle waiting for my clean shirts? That quandry is for another day. The squat brick building was basking in the bright afternoon sun, and I found myself entranced by the light and shadow on the brick and even more by the vine that was just beginning to bud on that sere surface. The leaves, faintest of green, burst their baby heads out to revel in the light. And I wondered, how does a plant get that tenacious? And secondly, does school always have to be in session, God? If a little tendril, a vine that looked dead two weeks ago could cling with a death grip to the side of a building, pushing itself into the mortar and brick, what could I be if I would set my mind to it? I guess I must ask myself if I'm willing to be that "stick-to-it-ive," that able to make something from seemingly nothing. More to the point, am I willing to let God cast the seed of me into the most barren of places and to bloom where I'm planted? To live for nothing more than to bring joy to Him because He's the one who cast the seed there and caused it to grow against all odds? I know the questions are not mine alone. They are yours, and ours, but most of all, they are His. How could they be anything else when they are begotten by a vine on a brick wall at the dry cleaners?


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