Monday, November 29, 2004

The Truth is Out There

I find it ironic that the young man who found my Laramie comments objectionable referred to my political agenda. Those who know me would agree I'm one of the least political people around. Saying I spit on Matthew Shepard's grave is pushing the envelope too. I am horrified about what happened to Matthew and grieve for his family and friends. No one should be treated the way he was. As to crediting the words of a murderer: point taken. A murderer would probably also be a liar. My issue, however, is with Andrew Sullivan. Turning Matthew Shepard into the poster boy for violence against homosexuals is about agenda. It's not about caring for Matthew and his family. Don't tell me it is. Sullivan basically said on 20/20 not to bother him with the facts of the murder because what we have learned from it transcends that. Hello? What is bigger or more important than the truth? Finding it in the midst of the self-preservation of convicted murderers, the backpedaling of their friends, the agenda of Sullivan and his associates will be difficult. And if we find it, will we be willing to face it and acknowledge it? Probably not because it doesn't fit with our preconceived notions.


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