Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Laramie Agenda

My brother beat me to the punch blogging about the Matthew Shepard expose on 20/20 last night ( and click on blog). I have to say I wasn't surprised that the whole homophobic hate -crime angle was a lie. Consider the gay activist who was interviewed. His response to the assertion that this was a drug-related robbery gone bad was the facts of Matthew's murder didn't matter as long as tolerance for homosexuals was advanced. Even Matthew Shepard's mother said why he died was a minor issue. These activisits used this young gay man to meet their own needs in the same way a casual sex partner would. How sick. Turning the brutal death of a troubled young man into a political agenda is one of the lowest things I can think of, both by the "God hates fags" crowd and the "Everybody ought to love them" crowd. Shame on you both.


Blogger Special Touch said...

Your claim and 20/20's that Matthew Shepard was not attacked specifically because he was gay is completely absurd. Do you actually believe that he was tied to a fence, beaten to nearly death with the butt of a pistol, and left for dead simply because McKinney and Henderson wanted Matt's wallet?

You imply that Matthew's murder being labeled as a hate crime is the result of gay activism and not supported by the actual facts. That's completely ridiculous! McKinney only days after the murder confessed to the police department calling Matthew a "fag" and a "queer". In his own statements he says he attacked Matt specifically because he was gay.

20/20 and your post instead rely on McKinney's post-conviction testimony and the unsubstaniated claims of a small group of McKinney's uncredible friends.

Shame on you for glorifying the words of a murderer, while spitting on the grave of his victim, simply to fuel your own political agenda!

For a more critical analysis of the Matthew Shepard murder see:

GLAAD viewer's guide to the 20/20 programSounds like just a robbery

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