Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the genesis of blogging and great hair

Wow! I'm officially a blogger. Waves to jt who inspired me to try this. Feels like dancing in my nuddy pants. Just thinking about the most inane things. Maybe dumping them will clear the road for thoughts of substance. Have you noticed that people spend tons of money on hair 'product'? I do. Just for that fleeting feeling of beauty. Yet the other day, I was looking at my seven year old daughter and thinking her hair looked great--Jennifer Anniston eat-your-heart-out good. I realized, with a wry smile, that she had just spent the last hour sliding bases at the park with her nine-year old brother. She and her hair were completely filthy. So the answer to the fab-looking hair dilemma is to run over to the park and steal third. It's a sure-fire winner.


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